Cyber Security

Combat virtual attacks in as little as 24 weeks!

Our Cyber Security program is personally designed to give you the competitive advantage in an ever-expanding industry. According to Microsoft, cyber crime costs are greater than $500 billion annually! The world needs you now!

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What You’ll Learn

In order to break into the heroic and high-reward world of cyber security, you will first learn how to utilize various hardware and software defense tools. Then you’ll get basic training on security skills to combat new types of attacks and assess threats and vulnerabilities faced by every organization and technology user.

[1] Prerequisite

We welcome all Computer Support Specialist grads and existing CompTIA Network+ certification-holders! A passing readiness test is required to begin.

/ / Call 833-228-7589 to learn more or Live Chat with one of our career representatives.

[2] Security & Network Foundations

Learn the policies and procedures that dictate organizational security as well as how to install and configure the network components to ensure safety. Get skilled in the protocols of media and network support needed to sit for the network certification exam.

[3] Cryptography & Systems Management

Discover cryptography algorithms used to ensure safe handling of sensitive data. Begin the basics of forensic analysis on Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.

[4] Programming Foundations

Get basic training in software development and architecture to better prepare for securing software applications and data. Learn the mindset and methods for securing a highly sensitive software project. Lastly, get experience in Agile software development methodology as it is used in real work environments today.

[5] Job Titles

Cyber Security job titles: Cyber Security Specialist, Information Security Analyst, Security Architect, Cryptographer.

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“I now have a renewed love of coding. Woz U has reawakened my desire and enjoyment of learning new things.”

Richard Charay Woz U Graduate Senior Programming Analyst, FedEx

“Woz U helped me realize that I am passionate about web development, and I am now able to do the two things that I love; teaching and coding. I feel like I have found my career.”

Krysta Jones Woz U Graduate Lead Instructor, Coding With Kids

“I chose Woz U because of the community it fostered and the impressive projects coming out of the program.”

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Let Us Help You Pay For School Our mission is to get students into the workforce faster with less debt so we’ll work with you to find the financial means to begin your new career. Check out our limited-time grants and scholarships to those who qualify:

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Grant

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Our largest grant, the Financial Literacy Grant, is award to students who enroll and area accepted in nearly all Woz U programs and commit to continuos enrollment.

Hero Grant

Hero Grant

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Available to Military Members (Active, Veteran, and Retired), and First Responders (Police, Firefighter, and EMS) and their spouses for the software developer program.

Women in Tech Grant

Women in Tech Grant

UP TO $1,500

Open to female applicants who submit a complete application to the Software Developer program and commit to continuous enrollment.

Student Success

Student Success

UP TO $1,200

Offers financial aid to those who may not qualify for the other grants listed here; AKA The “Whatever-it-takes-to-Save-You-Cash-on-Your-Tuition” Grant. Listen up! This is free money, so get on it!

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Tuition Costs and
Upcoming Programs


24–33 Weeks • $13,300

Total Cost - Includes $100 Enrollment Fee and course materials. Learn sought-after software developer skills on your schedule.

Online 7/23/2018 - 1/20/19 6/18/2018 Open
Online 8/6/2018 - 2/3/19 8/1/2018 Open
Online 8/20/2018 - 2/17/19 8/15/2018 Open
Online 9/3/2018 - 3/3/19 8/29/2018 Open
Online 9/17/2018 - 3/17/19 9/12/2018 Open
Online 10/1/2018 -3/31/19 9/26/2018 Open
Online 10/15/2018 -4/14/19 10/10/2018 Open
Online 10/29/2018 -4/28/19 10/24/2018 Open
Online 11/5/2018 -5/12/19 10/31/2018 Open
Online 11/26/2018 - 5/26/19 11/21/2018 Open
Online 12/10/2018 -6/9/19 12/5/2018 Open

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